Go Bo-ram takes a leap from customized jewelries to eco-friendly bags
Go Bo-ram takes a leap from customized jewelries to eco-friendly bags
  • Park Ju-won
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The story of an engineering student working as a jewelry designer brings about questions of how and why she decided to make such choices. Analogous to her entrance to fashion, her designs also carry distinguished narratives in that they are environmentally friendly packages and bags. Taking a rather unexpected route from the ostentatious world of fashion, like THE GOBO’s style motto “There is something special in you,” Go’s products seem to carry something more than mere external values.

Go Bo-ram, CEO and designer of jewelry brand THE GOBO, has been in the fashion business for seven years. Her inclination to design was natural as she enjoyed immersing in fine arts from a young age. When talking about her entry to computer science, she chuckled, saying that it was unexpected. Although she did not plan on launching a jewelry brand, she frequently customized bracelets for herself and her acquaintances. Optimistic feedbacks on her customizations were what led her to professionally engage in a jewelry business. THE GOBO is now financially stable, whereas in the past she admits there were numerous hardships.

“The majority of the customers decide their purchases based on the price which makes them overlook the stories each product contains,” Go said. “So it took a while for people to understand THE GOBO’s identity, which is ‘simplicity.’ As for the eco-friendly bags, I wanted purchasers to know THE GOBO’s additional identity to be an environmentally friendly and fashionable brand. It will always be a task for me to deliver my intentions across customers.”

Go started making environmentally friendly items since 2017, starting from 100 percent recycled paper packaging. Now launching non-leather bags dubbed "Urbana Bag Reversible," Go is designing her second eco-friendly product. The texture and its look have the impression of leather, but it is made out of bamboos. Plant based covers enabled the bag to be lighter and more flexible than leather bags. These characteristics were vital for Go’s design as she wanted to create a functional item.

“I wanted a bag fit for various occasions,” she commented. “As for me, at noon I would have a business meeting and then I might have plans for a casual dinner. Instead of bringing two different bags, I thought it would be convenient if one bag can be practical and fashionable at the same time.”

Like the name Urbana Bag Reversible, its shape can be reversed in half used as a clutch. Although the bag is originally black, those who want a variation of color can choose the other option which uses white bamboo “leather” cover on the inside.
Currently experimenting with her eco-friendly bags, Go has further plans for THE GOBO’s future.

“I will always dedicate to designing jewelry and bags in line with THE GOBO’s identity,” Go remarked. “However, if the Urbana Bag Reversible satisfies customers, while keeping the original leather bag lines, I hope to create a vegan line for wider variations of eco-friendly products.”

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